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say goodbye to painful monthly insurance payments

Through our affiliate, Triumph Insurance Group, we can provide access to this offer exclusively for Triumph Business Capital clients. Get your free quote and start saving money today.


What is DailyRate?

The industry’s first integrated payment solution that allows you to pay for your insurance through your existing factoring fees. Available exclusively to Triumph Business Capital clients, ditch the old way of paying monthly for your insurance. Let Triumph Insurance Group help you maintain a more manageable daily payment process.

  • No more monthly insurance payments

    Tired of being hit with a large, untimely insurance payment every month? With DailyRate, your payment is withheld at the top of each invoice, and we make the monthly payment for you.

  • No more BIG down payments necessary

    The average down payment for insurance through Triumph Insurance Group is only 15%.

  • Dedicated team

    We take the time to learn the ins-and-outs of your business and will work with you to solve unnecessary coverage gaps.

  • No experience needed

    We all had to start somewhere. We can help new ventures and new drivers with their insurance needs!