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From a variety of coverage options to a dedicated team helping you manage the everyday updates, we are the right partner to help you keep your business covered in real-time.

  • Motor Carriers

    Our dedicated team provides detailed support fast, so your business can move faster. Make changes on your schedule, not ours.

  • Owner/Operators with Own Authority

    Unlike other options, we take the time to learn the ins-and-outs of your business and can keep you protected day-to-day.

  • Owner/Operators Leased on with Motor Carrier

    Working together to solve potential coverage gaps is our expertise. Making sure you understand your coverage fully is our goal.

Primary liability insurance is your protection from damage or injuries to other people caused by the trucks you own or are operating under your authority, for which you are legally liable. This coverage is mandated by state and federal agencies, which require proof of coverage.

If you’re not on the road, you’re not driving your business forward, unless you have Downtime Coverage. This coverage is available from most insurance companies for owner/operators who want to protect any revenue lost during the repair of their equipment due to an accident.

General liability provides for select premises and operational exposures not usually covered under primary liability policies. This coverage is intended to protect you from any damages done as a result of your business operations.

If you employ workers, you may be required to have a valid workers compensation policy, depending on the state. This insurance provides liability coverage for your business against claims made by your workers for their injuries sustained on the job.

We get it, accidents happen. Physical damage insurance provides protection for your vehicle should loss or damage occur due to a collision with another vehicle or object. There are several different types of physical damage insurance, so ask your TIG representative to ensure your coverages are customized to suit your needs.

Don’t forget coverage for your cargo! Motor Truck Cargo Insurance protects you in the event of destruction, damage or stolen freight. Because there are a multitude of cargo coverage types, we can help vet and re-evaluate your coverages as your cargo changes.

Accidents don’t wait for you to clock in. Non-Trucking Liability covers you when your truck is used for non-business purposes. It provides a permanently leased owner or operator with a limited form of liability protection. Be sure to speak with our dedicated account management team to determine exactly what coverage you need.

Occupational accident insurance is available in some states. This insurance provides owner/operators with an affordable source of indemnification for “work accident injuries.”

This coverage offers important benefits for accidental death and dismemberment, accident medical, and accident disability income.

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