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Why is My Insurance So Expensive?

Triumph Insurance Group

April 5, 2016

When most people go to buy trucking insurance, they expect the obvious questions:

How many trucks do you own? Where is your company domiciled? What commodities do you haul?  What is your travel radius?  Insurance companies use this information to formulate your premium.  But, what else goes into rating a commercial trucking policy?  What other factors are driving your rates?

The answer is … there are several other factors companies use when considering a risk.  Some examples are:

  • Loss Frequency and Severity
  • Safety Management Scores
  • Out-of-Service Percentages
  • Growth Plans
  • Coverages or lack there of
  • Multiple MC Numbers
  • Sharing of Units

Who knew so much went into formulating your insurance premium?  Now you are wondering how to keep your cost down.  Here are some hints that may help you do just that:

  1. Know who you are hiring.  We suggest that part of your hiring process should include obtaining a motor vehicle report on all drivers prior to making an offer of employment.    Drivers can obtain a copy of their MVR from the local Department of Motor Vehicles.  There are also many services out there that will run MVRs for you as well.

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