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Tire Tips That Could Save Your Life

Triumph Insurance Group

June 13, 2016

In preparation for a busy summer driving season, Bridgestone Americas is helping drivers prepare their tires by educating them on the importance of proper tire care and maintenance.

“At Bridgestone Americas, we’re committed to being a good corporate citizen, and raising awareness for the importance of tire safety is one key way we can help improve the lives of those we serve with our products,” Gordon Knapp, chief operating officer, Bridgestone Americas, said. “This is an ongoing educational effort that our teammates continually support, not only during National Tire Safety Week or the busy summer travel season, but each and every day.”

According to a consumer survey by Bridgestone, tires are often overlooked by Americans as a safety feature, despite the fact that they are the only part of the vehicle that is in contact with the ground. The study, conducted online among 2,109 U.S. adults, found that only 41 percent of Americans consider tires as one of the three most important features in vehicular safety.

Bridgestone emphasizes proper tire care and maintenance especially for commercial truck drivers and fleet customers.  The introduction of higher highway speed limits, as well as the trend of trucks running longer, faster, and with heavier loads, should push proper tire care to a top priority. As part of Bridgestone’s tire safety campaign, they urge commercial truck drivers and fleet owners to:

  • Set and maintain proper cold inflation pressures. Cold inflation pressure is the inflation pressure of tires before they are driven.
  • Abide by the tire’s maximum recommended speed, which may be lower than posted speed limits.
  • Select the right tire for the job, considering the proper tire size, load-carrying capacity, speed capability and service type.
  • Inspect tires frequently for damage such as cuts, cracks, bulges and penetrations.

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