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Data Confirms Improvement in Trucking Safety

Triumph Insurance Group

January 16, 2016

The American Trucking Association released an analysis of data from the Department of Transportation showing that long- and short-term rates of truck-involved fatalities are declining. In their report, a total of 3,903 truck-involved fatalities were accounted for in 2014, a decline of 61 from the previous year. At the same time, the number of miles driven by trucks rose to more than 279 billion.

As trucking demand increases, trucking companies and organizations improve safety practices to keep their drivers safe. Comparing data from 2013, the fatality rate decreased by 2.78 percent and 4.76 percent over the past two years. More importantly, the rate has decreased by 40.6 percent over the past decade.

“America’s trucking industry has invested billions to improve safety and that commitment is paying off,” said American Trucking Association President and CEO Bill Graves. “The short-term decline is welcome news, but the important figure is the long-term trend. Short-term changes, whether they’re increases or declines, can be blips – and just like you shouldn’t track your 401k on a daily basis, they shouldn’t be the primary lens truck safety is viewed through. The long-term trend – in this case, a more than 40 percent improvement – is of paramount importance.”

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